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As far as we can tell, life is about what happens outside of the gym.

It’s about doing all the things you love, and doing them really, really well. And that’s what Ross Valley CrossFit training is all about. We want to get in, work hard and fast, and then get out into our lives, where we can make the team, keep up with our kids, improve our performance in sports and hobbies, have energy to try new things, and look amazing while we’re doing it. By definition, CrossFit is a core strength and conditioning program that improves every element of fitness through constantly varied, functional movements, executed at high intensity.

This means that Ross Valley CrossFit is for anyone who wants to get stronger, leaner, faster, and more powerful. Whether you’re brand new to our sport, a seasoned competitor with your eye on the Games, or you’re somewhere in between, the coaches of Ross Valley CrossFit have the experience, expertise, and dedication to support you in your fitness goals.

Our coaches are certified in multiple CrossFit training modalities, in addition to having certifications and experience in other fields of sport and fitness.

The result is a coaching staff that is holistically knowledgeable and highly experienced, capable of forming a training protocol that fits your unique goals.

We offer a potent blend of Olympic weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance training in a group environment that’s challenging and fun. The workouts are comprised of movements that are bio-mechanically functional in nature, in addition to being universally scalable. What this means is that our workouts are founded on proper range of motion and muscle recruitment patterns that mimic movements you do every day (read: safe and natural.) Because of this foundation, we can personalize any workout to accommodate your current fitness level. Regardless of age, injury, or experience (of lack thereof), our training methods are appropriate, efficient and highly effective. Fitness is our sport. We live it. We love it. Let us show you what CrossFit can do for you. There’s never a better time to start living your life to the fullest than right now. So don’t wait. Contact us today!


Ross Valley CrossFit
Thursday, 20 February 2014 10:55

2014 CrossFit Games OPEN schedule at RVC!

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With the 2014 CrossFit Games Open starting, we are going to have to shift the schedule a little bit. If you did not participate in the Open last year, we highly encourage you to join in on the fun this year. Even if you don't want to be competitive or see how you stack up against other people in the region, it is an awesome benchmark for your own fitness. Last year you might have come in 4,000th place. This year maybe you'll come in 1,000th place! Sure, that may not make you in the same pool as Rich Froning and Sam Briggs, but you just jumped 3,000 places in the span of 12 months!

We believe in testing our fitness in CrossFit. Benchmark workouts and 1 rep maxes show us how we have progressed! A faster Helen time might show us that we've gotten faster on our 400m runs while a 50lb increase on our deadlift shows how we've gotten stronger simultaneously. The 2013 Open was an incredible time for a lot of our athletes. Theresa Johnson got her first 95# clean and jerk, then proceeded to do 13.4 Rx. The snatch PRs, first muscle ups, burpee madness, and camaraderie make the Open an experience you wont want to miss. It's just you against you.


Here is the plan:


Barbell Club will be cancelled on Wednesdays and Saturdays throughout the open to allow for extra time to perform the workouts.

Thursday night classes will have the following format:

4:30-6:30: Open Gym

5:00-6:00: Live stream of the open announcement

6:30: OPEN WOD


Whoever is interested in throwing down the night of the open announcement we will be doing that in place of the 6:30 class. We will also have the open workout programmed into Friday's classes so that everyone has a chance to get it done! Extra times will be available on Saturdays. If none of these times work for you we can arrange for someone to judge you on a Sunday or Monday before scores need to be entered.

Looking forward to an awesome 5 weeks with all of you!

Tuesday, 28 January 2014 13:40

Fear, Injuries, and Moving Forward

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CrossFit unfortunately carries the burden of a bad reputation for injuries. Sure, people get injured while exercising, but is “CrossFit” as a sport to blame for that? Often times people come in with pre-existing injuries: torn ACLs, rotator cuff problems, plantar fasciitis, the list goes on. As coaches, we do our best to know whether or not you are injured, but when it comes down to it, it is your responsibility to let us know whether or not you have an injury that requires movement modification. I can’t tell you how many times I have turned around to see someone with a shoulder injury trying to push press 200lbs right after I told them to not go overhead. Sure, I can tell them to drop the bar and do burpees for the rest of class, but I’m just not that mean. So…long story short, this person ends up hurting themselves more, going to the doctor and when the question is asked, “how did it happen?” the answer of course is, “CrossFit”.

So, what happens next? Fear. Fear of injury is probably the biggest one we see in the gym. We see tragedies like what happened to Kevin Ogar as sure-fire outcomes of snatching heavy weights and an accident like missing a box-jump as a frightening product of a dangerous movement. Here is what I’d like to point out. Do you not have the same risk of injury by getting into your car every morning? Do you not run the same risk if you decide soccer is the sport you’d like to pursue?

My challenge to all of you is to embrace your fear and use it as fuel to go heavier, run faster, push harder. I don’t fear injury. This is partly because I consider myself a smart athlete. I don’t do movements that I know are unsafe for my body, I don’t make 40lb jumps when finding my max overhead squat, I don’t go into a workout without proper warm-up. I fear disappointing myself. I fear that when I finish I will say, “I didn’t do my best”. So rather than approaching my barbell and thinking about what might happen if I drop it on my head, I approach my barbell with confidence, knowing that I am powerful beyond measure, and if I want that thing over my head I am going to put it there and hold it there. The minute that fear sneaks back in I take a step back, close my eyes, do my little yell that you’ve all seen and approach the bar again. Sure, I don’t always make the lift, but I do my best to make damn sure it wasn’t because I was scared.

So whatever the fear might be, take it and use it to make you better. Fear of injury, fear of disappointment, fear of failure, they can all be used to drive us forward. That moment where we can set our fears aside in the gym and see beyond that wall is a sweet, sweet victory that I wish for all of you. Stay strong, stay hungry, and stay humble. You guys amaze me every day.

Monday, 13 January 2014 14:47

Special Schedule for MLK Jr. Weekend!

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Hey guys! Just a reminder that RVC will be closed Friday, Jan 17th through Monday, Jan 20th, in celebration of MLK Jr. Day, AS WELL as celebrating the installation of a new floor and new paint! But Coach Kate will be running 1 WOD on Saturday, the 18th, at the College of Marin track at 9 a.m.! Please join us there! See you soon!

Wednesday, 01 January 2014 12:25

A Few Tips for CrossFitters, new and old.

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We have all been exposed to “gym faux pas” over the years. I know I have definitely been guilty of a few of these things...but hey! I couldn't help it! I was a newly obsessed CrossFitter and just wanted the entire world to do CrossFit and if they didn't then they were clearly losers. My love for CrossFit has slowly internalized into a warm place in my heart and a huge passion that I am fortunate enough to call my full-time job. Here are a few things that I wish someone had told me...


Show up on time. This goes for anyone. Being late is just disrespectful. Everyone sees that your late, then all of the sudden people think it's okay to show up 5 minutes into the warm-up. And we all know what happens when we don't adequately warm-up. Most gyms have some embarrassing way for you to warm-up since you were late, but we're a little softer at we just make you run. Show up 5 minutes early, lay on a foam roller, talk about last night's episode of The Walking Dead, and just be present for yourself and the people around you.


Scale your workouts. If your 1 rep max snatch is 100# and you see the workout “Isabel” on the board, please scale the workout. We want to keep the intensity high in these workouts while maintaining good form, so if this means that you have to drop the weight down a little bit then do so. Scaling workouts does not mean failure. No one is going to remember whether or not you went “Rx” on the workout last Tuesday. Stay safe.


Write down your workouts. Keeping an accurate and detailed log of all your workouts is so important. Regardless of how poorly you did, if you scaled, if you had to quit half way through...write it down. 6 months from now you'll be kicking yourself when you realize you didn't write down your “Helen” time because you could only do a 26# kettlebell. Testing our fitness is of paramount importance in CrossFit.


Nutrition is EVERYTHING. As much as we hate to hear this, how you eat means everything about how you perform in the gym, and how tight your Lululemons are fitting. Don't be one of those people who posts that Facebook status, “I workout so I can eat pizza and drink beer every night!” 9 times out of 10 that person really isn't that fit...or they are and they're lying about eating pizza every night. The “paleo” diet might not work for you. THAT'S OKAY! It doesn't work for a lot of people! That's why there are a zillion diets out there. We all should be eating to support our goals, so just because Neal Maddox eats a donut every morning doesn't mean you can.


Recovery, Recovery, Recovery. I will often say that recovery is the most important aspect of CrossFit. We are causing some serious trauma to our muscles, and it requires an active practice of recovery. This means ingesting some form of protein and carbohydrates within 30 minutes of your workout, then eating again no more than 90 minutes later. Drinking A LOT of water. Like, a lot. Mobility work, cool-down rowing, omega-3 supplements, and eating a clean diet are all key things that will get you back in the gym feeling great the next morning.


Listen to your coach. Everyone has their own way of explaining movements and teaching correct form. It's important that you understand and apply one coach's style before you try and take tips from your lifting partner. Sure, they might have a 500# back squat, but that doesn't mean they know what they're talking about when trying to teach. Even CrossFit Games athletes need a cue every now and again.


Have fun. Don't treat every workout like its the last Open workout and you have to beat everyone. There are times to really go for it, and there are times to relax, lift weights, and have a good time. Sure, 150 wall balls doesn't exactly sound “fun”, but if you can turn off your thoughts, listen to the music, and get into a rhythm it is definitely a good time. Come to our parties, hang out after class, don't get too wrapped up in looking a certain way or using a certain weight. This is your time to do something for yourself. Embrace it, enjoy it, and remember that regardless of how you do, you have something to be proud of for that day.

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