CardiROW Clinic This Saturday at RVC!! Reserve your spot ASAP!


CardiROW Clinic This Saturday at RVC!! Reserve your spot ASAP!

Happy Monday!!


We’ve got something super special for you this Saturday from 12:30 pm to 2 p.m. Coach Sandy, a friend of RVC, is offering a Complimentary Rowing Clinic exclusively to RVC peeps! Called “CardiRow”, this event is perfect for anyone who wants to get more efficient with their rowing technique, which will translate into enhanced performance in training, as well as more fat-burning cardio bang for your buck!


This event is a special certification from Concept2, which is THE name to know in the rowing world. You will learn all about the machine, drag factor, positioning, stroke factor, and more. PLUS, this class is SUPER fun….kinda like a spin class, but rowing, which offers  a more comprehensive workout.


The workout will take about 45 minutes over the course of the 90 minutes, with the remaining portion of the class being all about form, technique, and personalized instruction.


Again, this is a Complimentary clinic, but here’s the catch: there is only room for 6 people!! Trust us that you don’t want to miss this opportunity, which will most certainly arrive with a fee at a later date (worth every penny) So if you want a spot, shoot me an email pronto to reserve your spot. Shout with any questions and have a great night!


Your RVC Coaching Crew