Fasten your seat belts……


Fasten your seat belts……

Ok folks; fasten your seat belts, because there’s a LOT coming at ya FAST, so here we go……..

Friday, Sept. 16th THE G-WOD RETURNETH!!!!

Our very own Gerald See, aka G Rock aka 12% aka G Money is the mastermind behind the G-WOD, bringing us a fun group workout from the depths of his genius (some say maniacal) mind. This casual event happens a few times a year during Open Gym on Friday from 5 p.m. – 6:30p.m ALL ARE INVITED!! This Friday, G is bringing the ROWING fun; no barbells, weights….this is all about stamina, baby, so whether you’re new to RVC or an OG, this GWOD is the PERFECT way to jump into the GWOD Series! See you Friday night!

Saturday, October 1st – RVC’s 6 Year Anniversay Party!!

Join us at Memorial Park from 3 pm – 7 pm for a fun family BBQ! We’ll have a bounce house for the kiddos, booze, and the tables and BBQ reserved! So bring something to share with the group. Word on the street is that an EPIC Corn Hole tournament will be going down that afternoon, so bring your game face, folks. It’s pretty serious business, and a FAB way to kick off the…..

 Oct. 3rd thru Nov. 12thNutrition Challenge!!!!

Have you committed yet? Two ways: visit OR be old school and write your name on the sign up sheet by the check-in iPad. $69 gets you in and eligible for prizes and all the support you need to crush your nutrition goals.

And let’s talk support for a moment. This Challenge, you’ll be assigned your very own RVC Coach as your leader. Coach will be there to answer every question, talk you off the donut ledge, pull the donut out of your mouth if necessary, in addition to being available via phone, text or email to solve any nutritional riddle you encounter along the way. This support, coupled with some new Nutrition Challenge options, makes this Challenge a MUST-DO!!!


  • Challenge kicks off Saturday, Oct. 1st with a benchmark workout. YOU MUST RESERVE YOUR WORKOUT TIME. Once you’ve signed up for the Challenge, you’ll receive an email with a link to reserve your heat time, as well as your Accubody appointments
  • At 10:30 am on Oct. 1st, join us for a Nutrition Discussion to go over the Challenge point system and categories, specifically the latest on macros; how to make them “fit” for your life, and troubleshooting tips for staying the course (for example: there are ways to drink wine and still lose fat. Hallelujah!! But you need to learn how)
  • Regardless of your current membership, a sign up for the Challenge also offers you unlimited access to all IGNITE! classes, so pair potent nutrition with extra training to really take your fitness to the next level. And on that note…..

Fall Fitness & Nutrition Boot Camp – Oct. 3rd thru Nov. 12th

Running concurrently with the Challenge, RVC is offering a 6-week Boot Camp to the general public. Offering unlimited access to IGNITE! classes, plus Nutrition Challenge access, this Camp is IDEAL for your friends and family who have been talking about wanting to look as awesome as you, but have yet to make the commitment. As Boot Campers, they can join you in the box for unlimited IGNITE! classes, and enjoy personalized nutrition planning for the 6 weeks PLUS get a $50 discount off the $249 non-member Boot Camp rate. Yep, only $199 for your homies!! Have them visit for the Camp details, but they must contact us directly to get the Special Homie rate.

Please give us a shout if you have any questions. We are STOKED for the GWOD, the party, and most especially the Challenge and Boot Camp! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to share what you love about RVC with your friends and family, while hooking them up and giving yourself a new experience of fitness. Whether this is your first Nutrition Challenge, or your 20th, there’s something new to explore, and change to be made. With your very own Coach, and new methods to use, this Challenge could be your game changer. Get in the game, baby!



Your RVC Coaching Crew