Fitness and Nutrition Challenge Winners are…….


Fitness and Nutrition Challenge Winners are…….

Drum roll please….

The winners of the first week of the Fitness and Nutrition Challenge are…..Emily and Jonna!!!! Congratulations ladies!!! You’ve earned a little vacay for your efforts!! Please collect your prize from Coach Nick the next time you’re in class.

We are full speed towards the halfway mark of the Fitness and Nutrition Challenge, and everyone is making HUGE gains in their fitness, as well as starting to experience some loss of extra icky fat. I, for one, have loved having a game plan every day for what I’m going to eat, and when…. and I LOVE that because I’ve spent a lot of time in the recent months having no structure at all. It feels really good to have a clear path towards a goal, and to focus on chipping away at that goal one meal at a time.

I was recently at a school function, and the speaker was discussing leadership. Specifically, he was giving tips for fostering leadership in kids, and one of the tools he shared really hit me. He said “You have to begin with the end in mind”.

Now, to me this was such a fantastic reminder of a simple way to navigate such a crazy hectic life full of tasks and to dos. Between a business, another full time job, and two children, my life is nothing but a “to-do list” and often times, I find that I’m so busy trying to mark things off that list that I can forget what I’m doing it all for, and the focus becomes the the tasks to get to the goals, and not the goals themselves. When we lose focus on the big picture goal….the “end” as it were, we can get lost in, and frustrated by that list of tasks, forgetting that the tasks get us to where we want to go. In that frustration, it’s easy to give up.

As we move forward in the Fitness and Nutrition Challenge, it’s important to get our points, track our scores, weigh our food when appropriate and such, but if we begin (or continue) that work without taking significant time to visualize our end goal, the tasks involved along the way can get heavy. Don’t let them. Today, take a moment to visualize what you hope to obtain from the remaining weeks of work and focus. Maybe it’s to be poolside in Vegas. Perhaps you have an article of clothing that will make you feel amazing to wear. It could be an event on your calendar that you want to be your physical best for, or you simply want to feel good about accomplishing a challenge. Whatever it was that got you to sign up for this Challenge, be sure to take time on the regular to connect with that visual, as it can help pull you through the times with the task list seems daunting.

You got this. I can see it now.