Functional Strength Training


Functional Strength uses low intensity controlled weight training to develop quality movement patterns, increase functional strength, correct muscular imbalances that can lead to injury, and improve aesthetics.

RVC’s Functional Strength Program is body-building taken to the next level. This program builds lean muscle, balances your physique and enhances core strength.

Functional Strength guides you through mindful, controlled movements using barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance bands, and your own bodyweight without high speed repetitions or timers. We build strong muscles and beautiful, aligned physiques by focusing on “time under tension”: controlled, mindful and effective!

Your Coach will direct your training, teaching you the movements of each class, as well as how to modify (adjust) the movements to be the perfect fit for your goals and your current physical ability level. 

The Functional Strength Program is designed in a 3 day cycle, with each day’s programming being offered on 2 consecutive days: Mondays & Tuesdays are Day 1, Wednesdays & Thursdays are Day 2 and Fridays & Sundays are Day 3.  

The beauty of the Functional Strength Program is that it can be used as a “stand-alone” program to get fantastic physique results, or it can be easily incorporated as supplemental training to our other programs such as CrossFit, or other endurance activities or sports you do outside of the gym……this means you could take another class before or after Functional Strength training to get even more “fitness bang for your buck” without overwhelming your system.

*We recommend that you arrive 5 minutes early to Functional Strength class to row, bike, or run for a general warm up.

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