Halfway mark in the F&N Challenge! Let’s talk winners of Week 3


Halfway mark in the F&N Challenge! Let’s talk winners of Week 3

Happy Thursday fabulous folks!

It’s INSANE to think that we’re halfway through the Challenge!! There have been some big numbers placed up on the scoreboard, but I think the coolest thing is the CONSISTENCY we’re seeing; you guys have hit it hard and you’re not showing any signs of stopping!

As we make the turn into the second half of the Challenge, it’s important to stay focused on the big picture, and you might need to revisit your goals a bit more regularly in these next few weeks. Personally, I like to post a message to myself, or even a picture, somewhere I’ll see it every day. I’ve been known to leave a sticky note with some motivating words on my bathroom mirror…. sure, my family thinks I’m weird, but it’s a small price to pay for being that much more focused on my goals. When I reach my goals, I’m happier. When I’m happier, they’re all happier, and so it goes.

Anyway, if you find yourself starting to lose a little of that initial fire that got you going 3 weeks ago, now might be the time to leave a sticky note for yourself somewhere, or pull out that dress that you want to fit into, and display it in a prominent place. Literally, let’s keep our eye on the prize!

And speaking of prizes, let’s talk winners so far! Week 1, we celebrated Emily and Jonna! Week 2, John G and Stessie took it, and this week……..Michael McB and Caitlin M!!! You’ve all won the trip to Vegas AND free meals from Power Supply! Please collect your winnings next time you’re in the box!

Congratulations to all of you for staying the course. You’re already better off than where you began, and getting closer everyday to even more awesomeness and general bad-assery! That’s gonna look really nice on you this summer:)

XO Your RVC Coaching Team