Spring Into Summer Special

✓ Have you always wanted to try CrossFit, but felt intimidated?

✓ Do you want to lose fat, gain muscle, move with more confidence and actually enjoy working out?

✓ Are you struggling to get into a fitness groove post-lockdown?

✓ Have you hit a plateau in your workout routine, and stopped seeing results?

✓ Have you tried CrossFit in the past, and LOVED the results but it’s been awhile and you need a refresher?

✓ Do you want a fun group environment, but want personalized attention?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then it’s time to get into Ross Valley CrossFit, because we’ve created the PERFECT opportunity, just for YOU!

Receive 30 days unlimited group classes AND a semi-private CrossFit Skills Training Session with an RVC MASTER Coach AND 2 Accubody Body Composition Scans… ALL for only $195! (a $430 value!)
Start off with your semi-private session…

In your 1 hour semi-private Skills Training Session, your RVC Master Coach will:

  • Provide a Movement Assessment
  • Teach you the foundational CrossFit movements regularly found in RVC classes
  • Provide you with a personalized “Movement Modification” plan so that you can feel confident doing EVERY workout at RVC, even if you’re new to training.
  • Put you through a mini WOD (Workout of The Day) to give you an idea of what you can expect in classes
  • Get you over the initial “intimidation” factor, to you can get down to the business of getting into the BEST shape of your life!

In your 30 days of unlimited group classes, you will enjoy:

  • A different full body workout every day that will challenge every muscle group; no plateauing in your results and no getting bored!
  • Professional coaching that will be personalized to YOUR current ability level; we meet you “where you are” and safely get you to your goals (and BEYOND) fast!
  • An inviting, encouraging and inclusive group environment that will inspire and motivate! We work hard, but play even harder, because training that’s FUN is training you’ll stick with!
  • Expert training and nutrition guidance to support you both IN and OUT of the gym
  • See and feel changes in your body in just 30 days, and actually ENJOY the process!

In your Accubody Scans:

  • Forget your bathroom scale! Begin your 30 days of classes with a composition scan to give you the FACTS about the NUMBERS THAT MATTER; this is the data that you NEED if you’re going to lose fat.
  • Numbers don’t lie. At the end of your first 30 days, complete your 2nd scan and see the difference in your body in cold, hard numbers…. you’re gonna be PUMPED!
There’s a reason Ross Valley CrossFit has been in business for 12 years….we are MASTERS at our craft, our clients get results FAST, and we LOVE our community.

Now, we want to show YOU what’s possible when you combine expert coaching, scientifically-proven training and nutrition protocols, and intuitive, professional client care.

Try us out for a month, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

To secure your semi-private skill training session and discounted month of unlimited group classes, follow this link.

(You’ll create a quick RVC profile, sign up for a Group Membership and use the discount code “NEWYEAR” at check-out. Once you’re signed up, an RVC Coach will reach out to confirm your semi-private training session and first Accubody scan appointments)

Make 2022 your Year of Fitness, and let RVC guide you every step of the way!

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