Week 5 Winners for the Challenge… and yes, there are more to come!


Week 5 Winners for the Challenge… and yes, there are more to come!

Happy Monday!! We mean it….seriously….happy!!

So holy cow, I’m pretty sure that the Nutrition Challenge participants collectively lost enough fat to kill a cow. I mean, man! You guys ROCKED it! We had people dropping anywhere from 2 to 20 pounds of fat during the 6 weeks, while adding even more poundage of muscle!!! Do you even understand how challenging it can be to lose fat while simultaneously gaining muscle?! It’s straight up cray cray, so kudos to you guys……you lookin’ HAWT!

Week 5 prizes go to David Brown, who took 1st place, and the lovely Kim Clarke, who came in 2nd. Congratulations guys!! There’s still the last week to tabulate, so we’ll have the good word for you on that in a day or two. Keep your eyes peeled!

We hope that you enjoyed this challenge, and will be looking forward to the next one in the fall, after the kiddos are back in school. Between now and then, try to live by the 80/20 rule to stay in maintenance mode: be “on it” 80% of the time (if not more so) and allow for a little nutritional naughtiness only up to 20% of the time. Sticking to this mantra will help you stay sane, without falling too far off the wagon, now that the Challenge has ended.

Of course, our team is always here to help, so give us a shout if we can be of service. As always, thank you for training with Ross Valley CrossFit!

XO Your RVC Team