OMG!!! We’re almost done with the F&N Challenge!! Special schedule 6/4! READ THIS!


OMG!!! We’re almost done with the F&N Challenge!! Special schedule 6/4! READ THIS!

Happy Thursday!

The end is NEAR!!! We’re down to the last week of the Challenge and you people are looking HAWT!!!!! Amazing performances in the gym, lots of smiles, and those points…….those points!!! You have been kicking booty and my my, does it show!

So a little “oops” on our part (my part, really…..stupid Mommy/overly multi-tasked brain) Had a little numerical error last week, so to recap:

Week One Winners:
1st – Emily H
2nd – Jonna

Week Two Winners:
1st – John G
2nd – Stessie

Week Three Winners:
1st – Michael Mc
2nd – CJ H.

1st – Sarah A.
2nd – Mimi

HOORAY!!! The first place winners are headed to Vegas, while 2nd place winners have a choice of locales to choose, so get those bags backed! The Challenge ends on the 4th! There’s one week left to win, so hang in there!

ON THAT NOTE: regular classes on Saturday, June 4th are cancelled, as we will be running the benchmark workout all morning. Plan on joining us between 8 a.m. – and 10 a.m. that day to repeat your benchmark

So, some of you might be wondering “So what’s next? What do I do when the Challenge is over?” This is a great question, and can be crucial to explore if you want to keep moving towards your goal. Too often, one can kick ass in a Challenge, but be at a loss for how to come OUT of the Challenge, and transition back to a “normal” life without letting it all go to hell.

If you need/want some guidance on how to transition without losing the badassness that you’ve been building over these last few weeks, please plan on staying after class (10:30 am) on Saturday, the 4th for a 30 minute chat on transitioning out of a Challenge, without losing your mind or 6 pack:)

And finally don’t forget that there will be one class only this Monday, Memorial Day, at 9 a.m. All other classes cancelled! BE THERE!!!

XO Your RVC Coaching Staff